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Our IT Services

A combination of products can be configured to suit your business.

Unified messaging

Unified messaging helps you to be more productive by bringing email, telephony, fax and SMS into one combined interface. For example a voice mail can be delivered to an inbox on your email system and then be played back either on your PC or a mobile device, rather than you having to check separate locations for each of these forms of communication.

The most suitable choice of platform will be dependant on how you have chosen to configure your particular system, but we will give you advice and will normally provide either Microsoft Exchange 2013 or Lync 2013.


When you start running a business you need to have confidence that your systems are secure. Loss of data is catastrophic for business. Your systems need to be protected by anti-virus and anti-spam software and of course your data needs to be backed up.

Hub IT provides class-leading anti-virus and content filtering services to ensure that your data and email is safe and that you are protected from any malicious code on websites you may visit. Your data will be continuously backed up to the cloud so that it can be accessed either from your PC or from any of your mobile devices. If your equipment is lost or stolen you will still have access to all your programs and data.

Supplying and configuring hardware and software

Through experience, we have identified certain products that are ideal in a business environment. For this reason we primarily supply Hewlett Packard and Apple products, but if specially requested we are also able to source products from any other manufacturer.

For support reasons, we have a much tighter offering on applications. We do support all mainstream products from Microsoft as well as all the business applications used by the majority of SME’s. If we are also supplying your hardware we will configure everything in our workshop prior to despatch.

Our aim is that you should be able to take a product out of the box and be up and running quickly without further intervention by us. However, we are always on the end of a telephone if you need help, and we are able to provide on-site support as required.

Apple Mac & PC platforms

Hub IT supplies both Apple Mac and PC based systems and provides full support for both. If you would like advice, we have expertise in both and are happy to discuss the merits on a case by case basis.

Mobile devices

Mobile working gives you the ability to work from a range of devices that include smart phones, BlackBerrys, tablets, ipads, and notebooks.

Most devices are capable of running most business applications, although sometimes in a cut down version, and the range of apps available is increasing all the time. The growth in wi-fi hotspots and faster wireless networks (3G & 4G) allows ever greater flexibility, enabling you to work almost wherever you might be.

Managed IT services

If you prefer to use a traditional IT configuration, where you run your office and business applications on PCs and servers, Hub IT will provide remote monitoring and diagnosis of all major system and network components, day to day support through our help desk, and on-site help as required.

For a small business this is now an expensive option, particularly if you are planning to buy new hardware and boxed software, but if required we are very happy to provide a suitable maintenance contract for a fixed monthly fee.